Customer Experience Strategy

Learn to rethink the customers’ journey, challenge old assumptions and identify friction points.


Who It’s For

Anyone creating customer interactions: product managers, marketing teams, social media teams, digital teams, omni-channel teams, IT and dev ops, operations, store operations, and more.


Think about your business like a start-up by rethinking the customer experience and the processes you can use to find new ways to deliver value and turn functional solutions into delightful engagements. Your customers are also Google, Apple, and Amazon customers. These companies are reshaping customer expectations for businesses everywhere to deliver frictionless, delightful experiences. This workshop will help rethink the customer journey, challenge old assumptions, and identify friction points. You’ll play with 10 Types of Innovation to see your business in a new light. You’ll learn how to create outstanding customer experiences through channel, service, and engagement innovation and new ways to deliver solutions that you haven’t considered — but start-ups might.

  •       Teams of 10 – 50
  •       3 hours over 1 day
  •       Live, facilitated workshop on Zoom
  •       $750/person
  •       LiveLAB customer stories

You’ll learn

  • the 10 Types of Innovation
  • examples of start-ups using them to disrupt established categories
  • to rethink your assumptions about the way your business must work
  • to spot small customer friction points that become big opportunities
  • a repeatable process for thinking beyond products in any area of your business