of executives believe
empathy drives business results.

Discover the power of live.

DT LiveLAB workshops are completely unique. Going beyond personas, customer profiles, and demographics, they offer you a way to hear from real customers — live. There’s no faster way to learn how to delight them — and win them for life.

Our workshops feature customers on demand — people ready to be interviewed live at a moment’s notice to provide a live design-thinking experience. We’ve discovered that by working with customers outside your own category, you can more readily apply what you learn to your business. Our live application of design-thinking principles accelerates the pace of learning and can empower your team to deliver behavioral change and boost your ROI for training in as little 3 hours.

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What our client’s are saying.

This was a FANTASTIC workshop.

I can’t wait to take what I learned back to my team and to the business I support. THANK YOU!

Fantastic course.

Excellent instructors and coach!

It would be awesome to submit the ideas to the innovation group…

I think we uncovered some great stuff that would help our customers!

It was a cool way to learn something new.

I enjoyed that we had facilitators outside of Company to give new perspective.

It was really fun and a cool way to break up the day to day while learning principles that can be applied to my work!

I enjoyed the facilitators joining the individual working reams.

Really helped being able to ask questions and get perspective.

The facilitators knew their stuff and were very engaging!

I really like the hands on experience!

I didn’t know how I felt about 3 half days online, but they did a great job of making it work and keeping people engaged!