Innovation Priority Plan

Determine how much, what type and what topics to reach your innovation revenue goal.

Who It’s For

Leaders with vision who want to future-proof their businesses and create a growth engine internally.


You’ll develop an innovation plan that you’ll focus resources against in order to resource and operationalize your plan and ensure success. What amount of innovation do you need? Do you need transformational innovation to enter adjacent spaces or incremental innovation — and in what mix? We will determine how much revenue your innovation pipeline needs to deliver, determine the mix of horizons, and identify the priority domain areas. In developing your roadmap, you’ll ensure your organization works against the right priorities rather than developing ideas that aren’t relevant so that you can operationalize your growth goals.

  • Executive teams of 10 – 20
  • 3 hours over 1 day
  • LIVE, ONLINE, OR IN-PERSON facilitated workshop
  • Price on request


  • Consensus among your executive team
  • Revenue targets for your innovation pipeline
  • Your current pipeline, sized by project
  • 3 – 4 strategic targets
  • Resources needed to operationalize your map