Customer Experience Catalyst

Learn how you can put your customer centric intentions into action.

Who It’s For

Anyone who wants to adopt a customer-centric mindset and understand how to make their department or organization more customer-centric.


Understand customer experience strategy, your customers and the beliefs that drive them, and how you can put customer intentions into action at a personal and enterprise level. Customer engagement is central to becoming more customer-centric and a powerful driver of business growth. Learn how to use empathy to gain deeper insights into customers as humans — not just data points or personas. You’ll also learn how the 4 Keys to Customer-centricity can provide an actionable framework to put your customer-centric intentions into action — from your personal freedoms to finding ‘little i’ friction points at scale and developing new opportunities to deliver an experience, not just a product.

  • Teams of 10 – 50
  • 3 hours over 1 day
  • Live, facilitated workshop on Zoom
  • $750/person
  • Customer stories
  • Also available in hybrid or self-guided formats

 You’ll learn

  • how to take customers’ perspectives and ignite empathy
  • how to expand your full range of personal impact
  • how to pull back and see the customer context surrounding a task
  • what little “i” friction points are, how they cause attrition, and how to spot them
  • how to develop use cases that size the impact of opportunities
  • how to see Big “I” innovation opportunities to delight customers at the enterprise level