Customer Engagement Priority Maps

Identify high impact moments that matter – from attrition points to opportunities to delight.

Who It’s For

Change agents with bold visions to win in the experience economy who can change their departments, organizations, and culture.


Participants will lay out the customer experience strategy and identify priorities and gaps to serve as a roadmap to maximize impact.  Your brand is the sum of your customers’ experiences, not your brand promise. Turn your customer experience plan into reality by identifying and focusing on the 3 – 4 moments that will maximize impact — from attrition risks or opportunities to delight. This priority roadmap ensures your organization works against your strategic priorities rather than developing tactics that aren’t relevant so that you can operationalize your customer-experience goals.

  • Executive teams of 10 – 20
  • 3 hours over 1 day
  • LIVE, ONLINE OR IN-PERSON facilitated workshop 
  • Price on request


  • Consensus among your executive team
  • Clarity on your desired customer experience 
  • 3-4 moments that matter
  • Resources needed to operationalize your map