The new head of innovation at a multi-billion dollar financial service firm came to us with two huge challenges: How to use innovation to deliver on 5-year stretch goals for their organization and how to create innovators to fill that pipeline.

We first facilitated an Innovation Priority Map session to reach growth goals through innovation — how much, against which horizons, and market spaces — and then created a roadmap to get there and obtain C-suite buy-in.

Through our Design Thinking in Action workshop and Design Thinking Live Practice Sprints, we helped them create innovation catalysts who could develop ideas and steward them through development. The company then went on to license our program content and created a Train the Trainer program to expand the reach across the enterprise.

The company surpassed its 5-year revenue goals. Because the program was so successful, it was adopted at the enterprise level. We have AINXW trained over 1,500 innovation practitioners, and they continue to engage us for live training.